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Department of Regulatory Agencies Statement On Support for Funeral Home Investigation

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has been involved in the ongoing investigation into the Return to Nature Funeral Home located in Penrose. The department is fully committed to working with all agencies involved in investigating this case and is grateful to the law enforcement community for taking the lead on this investigation. Like the other agencies involved, our priority is in helping with this investigation in the way that is most respectful to the victims.

Colorado Division of Securities Joins $22.5 Million Multistate Securities Settlement Against Crypto Platform Nexo Capital

The Colorado Division of Securities has issued a consent order against Nexo Capital Inc. (Nexo), a Cayman Islands-based corporation that provides cryptocurrency-related financial services. The Division’s action is part of a nationwide settlement of alleged securities law violations by Nexo in connection with its Earn Interest Product (EIP) accounts. Nexo’s EIP promised to pay investors interest on cryptocurrency deposited into a Nexo “crypto interest account.”

When Cryptocurrency Exchanges Fail Consumers Beware - Scams Abound

DENVER - When the high profile cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX collapsed, many investors realized the hard way the true volatile nature of cryptocurrency, as well as the high risk of holding cryptocurrency assets in wallets with third party exchanges and transmitters. Even worse can be the financial scams that follow such disasters.

What should you know as a consumer about cryptocurrency before creating a wallet on a third party public cryptocurrency exchange? .

Facts About Cryptocurrency and Exchanges