Executive Director's Office

Welcome to the Department of Regulatory Agencies, also known as DORA. At DORA, we believe in fostering a Colorado in which consumers and service providers partner, forging common successes. With a sharp focus on streamlining and modernizing processes and enhancing end-to-end customer experiences, we strive to advance an environment and regulatory framework where both businesses and consumers are treated fairly and the economy thrives. Though the Department is diverse, our shared commitment is unwavering. Our nearly 600 employees are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the marketplace and promoting a fair and competitive business environment throughout Colorado. 

We are committed to quality customer service, balances and fair regulation, integrity, and respect. Please browse our services and never hesitate to let us know how we can continue to provide the best service for the state of Colorado. You can contact our Customer Care team at DORA_Customercare@state.co.us.

Patty Salazar,

Executive Director

Programs under the Executive Director's Office

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Performance Management

DORA Fiscal Year 21-22 Performance Plan

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Wildly Important Goals

1. Boards & Commissions

Complete phase one of a three-phase plan to modernize the administration and governance of more than 40 boards and commissions within the department in order to ensure statutory compliance and improved collaboration with the department through consistent training, compliance with statutory mandates, and the priority of the public interest.

View the Board & Commission Modernization Plan (Phase 1 of 3)

2. PUC Operational Modernization

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) within the Department will create a PUC Operational Modernization Plan by September 2020 that identifies operational strategies with targeted implementation by June 30, 2021.

View the PUC Modernization Plan

3. Financial Services for Cannabis Businesses

Increase the number of cannabis-related businesses that receive banking and financial services by 20% from 18% to 38% in order to reduce concerns about public safety associated with commercial businesses operating in an all-cash environment.

View the Roadmap to Cannabis Banking

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Strategic Planning Initiatives

SPI I: Balanced regulation to ensure effective enforcement to protect consumers while reducing undue burden

SPI II: Accessibility through education and outreach

SPI III: Modernized and bold operational improvements to better serve stakeholders.

Follow our progress via the Governor's Office of Operations.


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