Stakeholder Engagement
At DORA, we know the process of crafting meaningful regulation that helps achieve our mission simply cannot occur without the vital input and participation of our stakeholders. If we are working on a rule, regulation or policy that might impact you, become a DORA stakeholder!

Stakeholder Engagement


DORA is responsible for 40 boards, commissions, and advisory committees, charged with administering over 50 regulatory programs governing professions, occupations and businesses comprising over 710,000 individual licensees and approximately 40,000 businesses and institutions. As a result, state law requires DORA divisions with rulemaking authority to promulgate rules as part of our regulatory activities. By design, the DORA divisions’ processes of reviewing and adopting rules and regulations are public. Comments are taken into consideration throughout the entire rulemaking process, especially the formal stages that must be followed as outlined in the State Administrative Procedure Act.

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Colorado State Law

DORA Divisions are charged with upholding and enforcement state law, created by the Colorado State General Assembly and enshrined in the Colorado Constitution. In addition to monitoring and providing comment on new and pending legislation, Divisions routinely submit proposed legislation and work with lawmakers to enact the best possible laws that will benefit the people of our state. A vital part of our work at the state capitol is informing and working with our stakeholders through each part of the process.

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