Polr 'Cap - New Licensing Platform Weekly Update

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Vol. 51: April 7, 2022

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The Joint Sessions and Testing Team held fewer meetings with platform vendor Tyler Tech over the last two weeks so the latter could take time to review all the material it had so far collected. The limited meetings that did take place revolved around Business Requirements Documents for Occupational Therapy and Respiratory Therapy. BRDs inform Tyler of the configuration needed for credentials. Division-Wide Systems and Programs Manager Michael Reynolds also attended and provided his subject matter expertise on Continued Competency (CC) and Continuing Education (CE). This is a new aspect of POLR when compared to eLicense as information will be collected on renewals and allow the Division to expedite the audit process as well as increase the sample size of each audit.

what did you say

The Daily Scrum is a 15-minute time-boxed event that occurs daily to let the team discuss the progress it’s made the previous day, goals for the current day, and to present to the broader group questions or difficulties individuals may be having. “Time boxed” means that the group starts at a specific time and does not go over 15 minutes. A separate meeting is held If greater discussion is needed. The Joint Sessions and Testing Team has been holding its daily scrum meeting since the early days of the POLR project but recently was invited to sit in on Tyler Tech’s scrum meetings. Here, the Division’s group can see what progress is being made and how all the information provided to Tyler is being used, especially relating to the Business Requirements Documents.


The e-License platform, and POLR in the future, are not stand-alone programs. E-License sends, receives, or sends and receives information for other programs to complete tasks. These include verifying address information is correct (suggestions when you enter contact information); retrieving documents to display (some items in the “Documents” area are stored in another platform); and processing payments. E-License interfaces with dozens of other programs and platforms. The Joint Session Team is working with Tyler to include these tasks within POLR.