New Colorado Towing Legislation Takes Effect Today, Aug. 10

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DENVER - New towing legislation passed during the 2022 Colorado Legislative session takes effect today, Aug. 10. Known as House Bill (HB) 22-1314, the new statutes contain numerous changes that help protect consumers.

While a number of changes have been made, the top takeaways impacting consumers are:

  • The new legislation is effective on August 10, 2022, and is not retroactive.
  • Carriers can’t tow for expired registration and plates, except upon order from law enforcement.
  • Carriers must give 24-hour notice for vehicles located on residential property, with certain exceptions.
  • Carriers must release a vehicle, at no charge and upon request, if the vehicle is still on the private property.
  • Towing carriers must release towed motor vehicles upon payment of 15% of the overall fees, not to exceed $60.
  • Carriers must release the contents (i.e., personal property) of vehicles towed from private property, upon request, within 30 days of the towing company sending notice that the vehicle has been towed.

For additional information on the changes, visit: HB22-1314.

To view a copy of the statute, please visit here.

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will begin a rulemaking process that addresses these statutory changes as soon as possible. This process includes public comment periods and hearings, as appropriate.

Once a proceeding has been opened by the PUC, the public and stakeholders will be encouraged to file their comments with the Commission. Meetings and hearings are listed on the PUC website at:


For information on the Commission’s role in the regulatory oversight of the towing industry, please visit the towing webpage available here.